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You’ve written the book. Now comes the hard part—selling it.

Even mainstream publishers these days provide very little marketing help once your book is published. Print-on-demand publishers leave the marketing up to you, or offer advice and limited services as a pricey package of extras.

Don Evans gives you an affordable alternative. A self-published novelist with more than 30 years’ writing and editing experience, Evans has helped many first-time authors polish a manuscript and scrub it of typos and grammar errors. He assists them in evaluating various print-on-demand services and, once they have a book they’re proud of, sets them on the path to commercial success.

Evans helps writers identify and reach out to an audience, set publishing goals and objectives, and develop a marketing strategy and campaign. He coaches the writer on preparing for a reading and what to expect from an audience, because just showing up for the presentation is only half the fun.

Writing a book is hard work. Getting the book into the hands of appreciative readers can be an even greater challenge. Evans can make the difference between a good book that few people know of and a book that people are telling their friends about.